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Need amazing flowers in Melbourne South? Rely on our FAST FLOWERS florists.

You're probably wondering why we're talking about the southern suburbs of Melbourne. Well, it's because we deliver some super awesome flowers and gifts in this area, and we thought you should know! Sit back, relax and let us soothe you with some interesting tidbits about the area. Melbourne South is a relatively small area, because the coast is actually really close to the Melbourne CBD. So, before the beach hits, you'll be lucky enough to find the neighbourhoods of Port Melbourne, Albert Park, South Melbourne and St Kilda. Pretty cool, huh? These suburbs are all extensions of the arty city, and have a real cultural vibe paired with the idyllic scenery of the beach. If you know someone who lives in this area, why not surprise them with flowers? What have you got to lose?

Melbourne South Flowers

You had one job. One job! And that was to sort out the cake for your sister in law's bridal shower. Unfortunately you picked up a cake without checking out what it was, and now everyone is in shock as they look down on the erotic iced masterpiece settled in front of them. Your mother is sending you daggers, your sister in law is at a loss for words, and the prudish crowd who can't seem to take a joke are looking at you like you've emerged from a sewer. Smooth over this sticky situation with some apology flowers- we've got some brilliant bright and funky floral arrangements that are sure to raise a white flag on your behalf in the most fragrant and vibrant way possible. It's a piece of cake!

Melbourne South Flower Delivery

Nobody wants to wait around for flowers to arrive. It's boring! Take advantage of our express delivery service in most metro areas, and don't forget- you can order as late as 2pm on a weekday (10am on a Saturday) and still receive the perk of same day delivery. $11.95 flat rate delivery... anywhere in Australia? Are we serious? You bet we are. All that you need to do is order on this website, or give us a buzz on 1300 FAST FLOWERS. You'll reach our Brissie head office, where we have a crew of fab flower experts on hand to sort everything out for you. It really is that easy. And, because we're an Aussie owned and run company, you'll never have to worry about being fobbed off to an overseas call centre staffed by drones who wouldn't know a gerbera from a gremlin.

Florist in Melbourne South

If you've ever been turned off by an online florist run by a multinational corporation that delivers flowers that look like weeds kicked off a plane and submerged in a swamp, you won't have to worry about that here. We're different from the competitors. For one, we've got a handpicked, tight knit network of a hundred florists, each selected on the merits of their awesomeness, floral panache and experience. That means that no matter where you order flowers in Australia, they're crafted by the best in the business. Our Melbourne South florists are no exception, and take floristry to a whole new level. What's not to love? Give us a ring on 1300 FAST FLOWERS if you'd like to learn more.

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