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Looking for the freshest flowers for delivery today? Our Granville florist will sort you out.

Granville is a great coastal suburb between Brisbane and Bundaberg. It’s on the banks of the Mary River just inland from the Great Sandy National Park and near the Poona National Park. The Alf Federation Park is at the heart of the suburb, but there’s no shortage of recreation spaces. With two golf courses within a few minutes’ drive and the fabulous river, locals are spoiled for choice when it comes to ways to chill after a hard day’s work. Neighbouring Maryborough has a fab choice of pubs and bars including the Post Office Hotel, Old Sydney Hotel and Tattersalls Hotel. We’ve got Granville covered when it comes to awesome fresh flowers at great prices. When you want to treat someone to a gorgeous gift, give us a buzz.

Granville Flowers

Mobile phones are so cool these days. They can do anything from play music to order awesome flowers. It’s almost a bit surprising that they don’t go through the washing machine, but you’ve got the expensive proof in your hands in the form of your flatmate’s ruined (but very clean) phone. You won’t try and be helpful by doing her washing again, that’s for sure. Thankfully it was insured but she’s still pretty mad so show you’re sorry by sending her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. With over 70 fresh and funky designs to choose from FAST FLOWERS has it covered for any occasion, from apologising to wishing someone a speedy recovery. You’ll never get it wrong when you send our awesome flowers, especially not at these fantastic prices.

Granville Flower Delivery

Some florists use a little too much artistic licence when it comes to the definition of fast but when we say “fast” that’s exactly what we mean. We deliver fab flowers in a matter of mere hours. You can order as late as 2pm (10am on Saturday) and we’ll still delivery your flowers to any home or business in Granville that day – that’s fast! We’ve also got an express delivery service in most metro areas to make us not just one of the cheapest, but also one of the fastest florists in Australia. We’re proud to be an Aussie owned and operated company which is why you won’t find expensive imported flowers in our catalogue, nor will your call be answered by some random overseas call centre. Our flower savvy experts are based in Brisbane and we’ve got a team of florists around Australia ready and waiting to deliver the best.

Florist in Granville

The best Aussie grown flowers? Check, Super fast delivery? You betcha. Awesome local florists? Absolutely! We made sure we every single one of our local florists is as good as they come by searching the country to meet them all individually and invite them to work with us under the FAST FLOWERS banner. When we met our Granville florist we knew we had to work with them. They’re floral virtuosos, orchestrating the freshest local flowers with outstanding service to deliver a bouquet anyone in their right mind would be stoked to receive. We’ve been in the business since 1999 so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. When you need a great gift sorted and you don’t have time to muck around with some buffoon who wouldn’t know a rose from a rosella, give FAST FLOWERS a go.

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