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Want fresh and fabulous flowers today? Our Everton Hills florist delivers

Everton Hills is one of those fab north-west suburbs of Brissie, situated 10km from the central business district. This hilly neighbourhood offers a plethora of recreational therapy opportunities, being bounded by Cabbage Tree Creek and the Bunyaville Forest Reserve in the north and Kedron Creek in the south. Whether it's walking or bicycling, enjoying a fun game of footy or cricket, having a weekend barbie, or just kicking back, the locals have tonnes of choices right at their fingertips. Being suckers for wide open spaces, we particularly love the acreages that we get to visit on our deliveries to customers in the western part of the suburb. At FAST FLOWERS, we pride ourselves on our always fast delivery of Aus's freshest flowers and trendiest gifts, and we're in the neighbourhood six days a week.

Everton Hills Flowers

Has your BFF had her knickers in a twist since she caught you in a pash with that bloke she was zeroing in on? Explaining that a couple too many vodkas had blurred your vision, and that he's really not your type, has only made the situation worse, since she took it to mean her taste in men is atrocious. Because you believe that being BFFs should transcend such temporal diversions, you want to sort things out. At FAST FLOWERS we give you more than 70 funky and chic designs that are perfect for making an apology, and awesome for every other occasion too. If in your drunken state you gave him your number and he's now ringing you up hourly, you might want to add on some champers or one of our luxe hampers just to lessen the sting.

Everton Hills Flower Delivery

At FAST FLOWERS, we believe that getting a gift organised and to the door when and where you want should be effortless and stress-free. That's exactly why we've made our ordering and delivery options ultra-convenient. For example, you want to be back on speaking terms with you BFF as quick as possible, especially since she'd agreed to feed your ferret so you can scoot off to the beach next weekend. No worries, we'll help you sort it all out in double quick time. When you order by 2pm through the week, or 10am Saturday, we can have your apology placed in her hands that same afternoon. If you're a gadget guru you can reach us via our mobile site. You can also order online, or by ringing us up on 1300 FAST FLOWERS.

Florist in Everton Hills

Every neighbourhood florist who hangs out under our FAST FLOWERS banner was hand picked based on their fantabulous talent. Our local Everton Hills florist is simply incredible; a veritable floral wizard who'll create a wicked display that your BFF is guaranteed to love. (If she doesn't, we'll pop over this weekend and feed the ferret for you ourselves). We're not worried, we know she'll accept your apology as soon as she sets eyes on the jaw-dropping gift we'll deliver with your name on it. Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention that those awesome stems won't empty your bank account, because in addition to being fresh and fabulous, our flowers are cheaper than chips.

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