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Bordered in the south by the Little Para River, the suburb of Elizabeth Vale lies 24 kilometres northeast of Adelaide’s central business district. There’s two hospitals in the immediate area, so you’ll be okay if you fall off your skateboard and graze your knee! There’s also a generous helping of green spaces - much of which are situated along the banks of the river - Harry Bower Reserve and Pioneer Park are both well worth a visit. If you’re wanting to send flowers in Elizabeth Vale, you've landed at the right place as it just so happens you’ve found the very best florist in Elizabeth Vale right here at FAST FLOWERS. What a stroke of luck!

Elizabeth Vale Flowers

When your missus came down in “that” dress, you thought she looked like the bee’s knees! It was such a shame that you were so astounded by her knockout attire that the slurp of coffee you’d just poured in your gob came spluttering out all over her! She’s convinced you did it on purpose to get out of taking her out for the night and nothing but the best flowers in Elizabeth Vale is going to convince her otherwise! You’d best get looking round our website sharpish. There’s over 70 gorgeous bouquets and flower arrangements that are pretty much guaranteed to send you somersaulting back into the good books. You're probably going to want to chuck in some extra gifts - chockies and champers should do the trick (we’ve got those too!).

Elizabeth Vale Flower Delivery

You’ll be able to get back in those good books real fast as a customer of FAST FLOWERS. Just shoot us the details of what you’re after before 2pm during the week or by 10am on a Saturday and we’ll sort you out with same day flower delivery in Elizabeth Vale. It really is that simple! Want to know how to order (or would you rather stay in the dog house)? That’s pretty simple too. Hit us up online via this website or by heading over to our mobile app (they’re both available 24/7) or give one of our fabulous flower experts a quick call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS. Yeah, as we said - simple!

Florist in Elizabeth Vale

However you choose to order (it takes under five minutes however you prefer to get in touch), we’ll pass the details straight through to our super talented florist in Elizabeth Vale. They’ll get straight on it - preparing your chosen bouquet from the most gorgeous fresh flowers sourced direct from local flower growers - before heading over to your place. If your missus is so annoyed that she’s gone to stay with her sister in the neighbouring suburb of Edinburgh, Hillbank, or Greenwith, we’ll hunt her down there instead. Just let us know what you need and where you need it - we’re here to help. Just don’t spit hot coffee on us when you see our knockout flowers will you?

Elizabeth Vale Hospitals

  • Lyell McEwin Hospital, Haydown Road, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112
  • Calvary Central Districts Hospital, 25-37 Jarvis Road, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112

Elizabeth Vale Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Elizabeth Revival Centre, 45 John Rice Avenue, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112
  • Church of Christ, 38 Knowles Road, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112
  • The Potters House Christian Church, 1 Marleycombe Road, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112
  • Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, Semley Street, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112

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