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Looking for Awesome Fresh Flowers Delivered Fast? Check out our Edens Landing Florist

Nestled between the Logan River and the Brisbane-Beenleigh Road, the Logan City suburb of Edens Landing lies around four kilometres southwest of Loganholme. Edens Parklands and the Nexus Forest Park are the places to head for some well deserved R&R. You can splash a bit of cash at the small shopping complex on Castile Crescent, but serious shoppers tend to head out to the Holmview Central Shopping Centre or Waterford Plaza. If sports your thing, you can catch the Edens Landing Dragons rugby league team playing at Leighton Fields. Keeping locals satisfied with an awesome selection of fresh flowers delivered fast is FAST FLOWERS™. Our local florist serves Edens Landing and the surrounding suburbs of Bethania, Buccan and Stapylton six days per week.

Edens Landing Flowers

Okay, so the wife’s bought a new dress. She’s giving you the obligatory fashion show when she utters the time honoured question “How do I look in this?” You hesitate just a fraction longer than is considered polite and before you know it you’re in the dog house. There’s only one thing that’s going to get you out and thats fresh flowers. You know it, we know it and, more importantly, she knows it, so it’s time to get checking out our fabulous selection of lively bouquets and rocking boxed arrangements. Top tip - some of our arrangements come with chocolates intertwined with the flowers or with a free box of gourmet chocolates. While these are normally very well received, might we suggest you select French champagne as an add-on gift for this particular occasion?

Edens Landing Flower Delivery

It’s no fun being in the dog house, unless of course your name is Spot and you eat grass in your spare time. Our FAST FLOWERS™ florist can get you out of the kennel in double quick time with same day flower delivery in Edens Landing. You can order up until 2pm on weekdays (10am on Saturday) and still get your flowers that same day, so with any luck you won’t have to spend the night outside. You can order direct from the site, via our snazzy mobile site or just give one of our Aussie-based flower experts a quick call. We don’t normally offer relationship advice, although in this scenario we’re fairly convinced the answer should be a quickly delivered and resounding “Great, darling”. We can definitely steer you in the direction of our most popular romantic flowers though, so don’t stay out in the cold, come into the warmth with the help of our FAST FLOWERS™ florist.

Florist in Edens Landing

We started our business back in 1999 as a brick and mortar florist based in the Melbourne CBD, so you can believe us when we say that we’ve heard a ton of real life stories like this classic. We moved our business online fairly quickly because we realised that people all over Australia and New Zealand needed the help that sometimes only fresh flowers can offer. We couldn’t have done it with the help of carefully selected partner florists like our local florist in Edens Landing. They really are the very best in the business and will go all out to make sure you’ve got everything you need just when you need it.

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