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Looking for a wicked gift in a hurry? Try our Eatons Hill florist

The gorgeous suburb of Eatons Hill is situated 17km north-west from Brisbane's CBD, occupying an enviable spot just north of the South Pine River, smack dab between Albany Creek and Draper. The neighbourhood is famous for its hillside views and expensive country homes. Locals and tourists mad about koalas find the Kumbartcho sanctuary and environment centre in the neighbourhood's south totally irresistible. As much as we love our native bears, we rarely get a chance to visit, since we're way too busy making fast deliveries of our mind-boggling range of trendy gifts and the freshest flowers on the planet.

Eatons Hill Flowers

Until the last guests left, you thought last night's barbie was a roaring success, so the razor sharp glare from the wife when the door snicked shut totally caught you off guard. Getting the silent treatment meant a miserable night on the couch trying to determine the reason she's ropeable. We recommend that you apologise now, and then sort it out later when she's calmed down. What's the best way to say you're sorry? A fast delivery of our fresh and fabulous flowers. You may want to add one of our awesome gifts for good measure. Would she prefer balloons? Chockies? Some wine? Perhaps a lux hamper packed with treats and soothing pampering goods? Whatever you decide on, we guarantee she'll think you spent a fortune, and we promise not to let on how cheaply you got off.

Eatons Hill Flower Delivery

Previous dealings with online florists may have left a sour taste in your mouth; you know, those dodgy sorts who don't know a tulip from a turnip, and whose idea of service is stuck in the dark ages. We don't want to brag, but FAST FLOWERS is going to blow your mind. We've made effortless ordering and delivery into an art form. Need that bright and bubbly bouquet delivered to the missus today? No problem; just order before 2pm any weekday (10am if you spent Friday night hugging a couch cushion) and we'll have it to the door the same afternoon. Just grab your fav gadget and order on our mobile site, or do it right here on our website with just a click or two. Need help? Give our flower savvy team a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS.

Florist in Eatons Hill

If another reason you're a bit shy of online florists is that most seem to be based somewhere between Outer Mongolia and Upper Icantspeakaussiestan, you're bound to appreciate that FAST FLOWERS is totally Australian owned and Brissie-based. We also have years of experience under our belts, having started out back in 1999 as real bricks and mortar florists in Melbourne and Sydney. To bring customers across Oz and New Zealand the absolute best in quality and service at rock bottom prices, we ventured online and picked only top-notch independent florists to represent us; our local Eatons Hill florist is a fantastic example. Result: Fast, fresh and fabulous flowers delivered on your schedule, every time.

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