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Don’t believe fresh flowers can be awesome and affordable? Let our Dulwich Hill florist show you!

Dulwich Hill is a character filled inner city Sydney suburb 9km south west of the CBD in the Marrickville area. It’s packed with original Federation buildings that give it a chilled vibe despite its proximity to the centre of such a major city. You’ll find a different cafe to visit for brekkie every day of the week when you stroll down Marrickville Road and New Canterbury Road, and due to its vibrant multicultural locals there is a great mix of Greek, Vietnamese and Portuguese restaurants and takeaways to enjoy. Catch a breath of fresh air in Johnson Park, or play a round at the Marrickville Golf Course which goes down to the Cooks River. Whatever you do, remember to choose FAST FLOWERS when you want the freshest flowers at the best prices in Dulwich Hill. We deliver there and in the neighbouring suburbs six days a week giving awesome quality and great value.

Dulwich Hill Flowers

You and high heels never mix well but ever the optimist, you decided to get in some practice strutting up and down your hallway a la Australia’s Next Top Model. You stumbled just as your flatmate was walking through the door and while you’re mainly ok, your shove sent her falling down the stairs. Now she’s sporting a broken wrist and you feel terrible (not just because of the egg-sized lump on your head). Give the heels to Vinnies and send your mate a bouquet of our gorgeous flowers to cheer her up. We have over 70 stylish arrangements available for delivery today so whether she likes funky brights, retro pastels, or cool and glamorous white you’ll find it right here. Our flowers are delivered fresh daily from the best local growers and suppliers to avoid expensive transport times and help keep our prices so low.

Dulwich Hill Flower Delivery

If catwalks were flowers we’d be a supermodel because our service is totally stylish and graceful. You might be tearing your hair out with desperation because you’ve forgotten your mum’s birthday (again) but just a few minutes on the phone, online, or via our mobile site and you’ll have it sorted. We’re fast because we work with the best florists, not because we’re sloppy and cut corners! Same day flower delivery in Dulwich is a promise when you order by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and we even offer an optional express service in most metro areas for when it’s super urgent.

Florist in Dulwich Hill

We’ve told you that we work with the best fresh flowers and the best florists so imagine the potency of mixing those two together. That’s exactly what you get with our Dulwich Hill florist. These guys are awesome and we just love having them on board at FAST FLOWERS. Their locally sourced flowers (mostly coming from the world class Sydney Flower Market) coupled with their extensive skill and expertise means your special someone will be totally stoked with your generosity and you’ll be overjoyed with the amazing value for money you get from FAST FLOWERS. If you’re looking for top quality flowers at the best price - and let’s face it, who wants to pay more than they have to - get in touch today.

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