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Fabulous Dianella is situated just 9km north-east from Perth's hectic CBD, but it feels worlds away. This awesome suburb offers up lots for the locals to love, including a mix of post-war character homes and posh, two storey modern architecture. Dianella Regional Open Space is central in the neighbourhood, and it's a fav for indoor and outdoor sports, such as football, lacrosse, football, cricket and soccer. Smaller parks are smattered round the neighbourhood too, which means outdoor fun or a relaxing barbie is always close by. For retail therapy there's Centro Dianella, and for a bite to eat, there are the cafes and restaurants in Walter Road West. At FAST FLOWERS, we're proud as punch to be the designated florist in the suburb, and we love keeping our customers here ecstatic with mind-blowing cheap prices on the freshest flowers in Aus.

Dianella Flowers

If you're an average bloke and in a relationship, you're no doubt on familiar terms with the dog house. Now, you may not know what triggers a particular visit; it all seems to come down to the mood of your better half. Here at FAST FLOWERS, we recommend a delivery of our ultra-fresh Aussie-grown flowers as a preventative measure to keep the dog house door at bay. Surprising her with a big bunch of bright and bubbly flowers for no reason at all is one of the best methods a bloke can employ to guarantee he's seen as a romantic hero by his female, with the added benefit of sweetening her mood. We've also got an impressive line up of extra ammo that make great weapons for those times when you actually know you've made a gaffe. Think Swiss and Belgian chockies, luscious wine, French champers and luxe hampers.

Dianella Flower Delivery

You probably know all the warning signs of an impending explosion, but sometimes one can catch you off guard, like when you're busy at work and a call from an irate missus breaks into your concentration. You don't have to spend the night hiding out at your best mate's or on the couch, as long as you let us know what's going on by 2pm (we'll even cover for you on a Saturday, if you get hold of us before 10am). You can order here on our website, from your smartphone on our mobile site, or by ringing us up on 1300 FAST FLOWERS. In 5 minutes or less you can have everything organised and be back to what needs to get done, knowing that your redemption will be at the door that same afternoon.

Florist in Dianella

We didn't become the favourite florist across Aus and New Zealand by delivering awful or ugly bouquets and arrangements that would only rile the wife more. Here at FAST FLOWERS, we've been doing flowers right since 1999, when we started gathering valuable hands-on experience in our bricks and mortar shops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. When we ventured online, we partnered up with the best in the biz in each city, suburb and neighbourhood. Our local florist in Dianella is a veritable wizard who delivers fantastic gifts that can calm and soothe even the most ropeable missus. Want a relationship fix that looks a million bucks that won't take a big chunk out of your wallet? FAST FLOWERS has you covered.

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