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Located alongside the Cunningham Highway, the Scenic Rim suburb of Deebing Heights lies seven kilometres west of the Ipswich CBD. If you’re into the great outdoors, this is the place to hang out. The Deebing Creek Mission Aboriginal Reserve, Stallard Park and the Paddington Reserve are just a few of the lush green spaces in which to kick back, throw off your flip flops and catch some rays. If it’s a clear day, you’ll definitely want to head up to the Grampian Hills to take in the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the Brisbane Skyline. When you want flowers that are awesome, as opposed to looking like something that the cat dragged in from the bush, you can count on our FAST FLOWERS™ florist in Deebing Heights.

Deebing Heights Flowers

You’re a practical joker; one of those strange curiosities of nature that like nothing better than to hide in the dark and jump out on unsuspecting victims. You try it out on your flatmate. Only problem is she’s just spent the last three hours getting ready for a hot date and on the way out spotted the bowl of half eaten cereal you left outside your room last week. How kind of her to pick it up and take it toward the kitchen. How cruel for her to end up covered in rancid milk after you’ve leapt shrieking from a dark corner. Yes this really happened! When you’ve gone too far (and take it from us when your actions ruin a hot date, you’ve gone too far), it’s time to get some “sorry” flowers. Our flowers in Deebing Heights are fresh, fabulous and delivered fast, but you have to PROMISE not to jump out at our florist.

Deebing Heights Flower Delivery

When you want flowers fast to atone for your somewhat un-hilarious practical joke, you can count us to be there when you need us. Give us a shout before 2pm during the week (10am on Saturday) and we’ll be delivering fresh and fabulous flowers before the day is out. Depending on how annoyed your flatmate was, you may also want to send her a little gift. She might like a teddy bear to cuddle, you know because she couldn’t cuddle her date! We can take your order online or over the phone; whatever you prefer. If you need a bit of advice as to what flowers are perfect for the occasion, our Aussie-based flower experts will bend over backwards to help you out. Awesome or what?

Florist in Deebing Heights

When you’ve let us know what flowers you’re after, we’ll immediately pass your order onto our Deebing Heights florist to be crafted and delivered without delay. They're one of hundreds of expert local florists that we’ve partnered with. Having taken the time to get to know each one personally, we’re more than happy to have them hang out under the FAST FLOWERS™ banner. They take pride in their work, so there’s no fear that you’ll get flowers that look like they’ve been trampled by a stampeding roo. All you’ll get here is our own special brand of awesomeness.

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