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Fast and fresh flowers in Daisy Hill? You’ve got it. Try out our Daisy Hill florist.

24 km south of Brissie and nestled in Logan City, you’ll find Daisy Hill. The name is quaint and charming, and the neighbourhood is even more so. Beautiful Queenslander homes, a huge chunk of parkland and a fantastic school? What’s not to love. You’ll find locals hanging out at one of the many recreational areas- our favourite is the Daisy Hill Conservation Park. Amble down the street and you’ll hit Dennis Lake, a great place for the kids to feed the ducks. Don’t have kids? Adults can feed ducks too! We’re describing Daisy Hill because we deliver awesome flowers there- flowers so awesome that they put a tap dancing toucan to shame. Give us a ring if you’d like to organise some.

Daisy Hill Flowers

You had a couple of champers before the ceremony started to calm you down, but you became a little too calm and ended up insulting the committee during your speech. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if you hadn’t attempted a crowd surf, and even that might not have been so bad if the crowd hadn’t been a bunch of elderly women. Apologies are in order- especially to poor Mrs Fletcher, who now needs another hip replacement! Sending a big bunch of flowers is your only ticket out of Humiliation town, and we have a great range of cheap, bright, quality flowers that will soothe their rage (and your shame.) We’d suggest going straight to the Get Well section for Mrs Fletcher...

Daisy Hill Flower Delivery

When time is of the essence, that is when we really come into play. We have an awesome same day delivery service at no extra cost! You can order as late as 2pm on a weekday or 10am on a Saturday and have your flowers delivered by the end of the day. We even offer an express delivery service in most metro areas. Are we speaking your language? We hope so! Everything is so easy when you let us organise everything for you. You can order on this website or give us a buzz on 1300 FAST FLOWERS, where you’ll reach our head office in Brisbane. We’ve got an amazing crew of friendly flower experts on hand to sort everything out for you in less than 5 minutes. We’re here to make your life easier, so don’t mind if we do!

Florist in Daisy Hill

When you’re ordering flowers, the last thing you want is for them to be delivered resembling a bunch of weeds trampled on by a trigger happy walrus. You won’t find those kind of shenanigans here at FAST FLOWERS- we have made a name for ourselves by partnering with only truly exceptional florists over the country. Our Daisy Hill florist is a master with flowers and could make a bunch of dandelions fit for a royal ball, but the thing which really clinched it for us was their insistence on using fresh, locally sourced flowers. This means that your gift is always top quality, and grown right in the local community (and not imported from some far off country.) Easy! When you need flowers in Daisy Hill, you know how to call.

Daisy Hill Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • St Edward's Catholic Church, 104 Chatswood Road, Daisy Hill QLD 4127

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