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Need cheap, amazing and flowers in Currajong? It’s what we do best at FAST FLOWERS.

Currajong is 5km south west of Townsville’s city centre in a great area near Garbutt and Hyde Park. Despite being just minutes from a city it has a relaxed, laid back pace that’s mainly due to the friendly locals. Warrina Park, Currajong Park, and the lake by Woolcock Street are just three of the many open spaces, and with Castletown Shopping Centre and the rugby union ground in the vicinity there’s no shortage of things to do. The Mercure Hotel has a fab restaurant and bar that is perfect for a special date or night out, or head to the Centenary Hotel in nearby Pimlico for a more relaxed evening. FAST FLOWERS is the local florist of choice in Currajong, delivering top quality flowers and gifts six days a week. Give us a go when you need FAST FLOWERS that won’t break the bank.

Currajong Flowers

Here’s a top tip for when you need an awesome last minute present: give flowers. Seriously, we’ve delivered flowers for pretty much every occasion from apologies to seduction, celebrations and sympathy. One thing every delivery had in common (apart from our fabulous and cheap flowers that is) was the broad smile with which every bouquet was received. Our flowers are beautiful and beauty makes people feel good, it’s a simple as that. When you factor in the emotional message that goes along with flowers, they’re about as good as it gets pressie wise. Those of you who hate shopping or never seem to find the time will love our smooth service. It only takes a few minutes to organise delivery and you can do it online, via our mobile site, or by speaking with our flower gurus in Brisbane.

Currajong Flower Delivery

FAST FLOWERS isn’t just an accurate description of what we do, it’s a great reflection of how we work. We’re not called some chichi name you can’t spell and has nothing to do with flowers because we don’t bother with the stuff that’s not important. Our focus is on finding the best Aussie grown flowers from farmers and markets as local as possible, skilfully crafting a top-notch bouquet and getting the out to you ASAP all for a great price. Just get in touch by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and we’ll get your flowers delivered that day. Most metro customers can take advantage of our express service for the same low delivery rate. Some florists seem to raise their prices at the merest whiff of panic, but we only have one delivery cost to anywhere in Australia so you can relax and know you won’t get ripped off here.

Florist in Currajong

When you send flowers you want them to be a gift you would be proud to hand over yourself, not look like a total afterthought that was put together with left over, half dead flowers that have been sitting in a bucket for days. Our Currajong florist uses fresh locally grown flowers and because our turnaround is so fast you can trust they won’t have been sitting around. When you want champagne flowers on a XXXX budget, give FAST FLOWERS a go.

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