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Need fresh flowers fast? Our FAST FLOWERS florist in Cordeaux Heights can help you out

Located in the eastern foothills of the stunning Mount Kembla, the suburb of Cordeaux Heights lies seven kilometres southwest of Wollongong. The Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area lies immediately to the west, providing the 5,000 or so locals with an awesome location to get out and about in a lush bushland area. You can be in Wollongong within about 15 minutes by road, where along with checking out the amazing beaches, we’d recommend heading to the Mylan Vietnamese restaurant on Keira Street for lunch - delish! Want to send fabulous fresh flowers in Cordeaux Heights or the surrounding suburbs of Farmborough Heights, Unanderra, and Figtree? Our FAST FLOWERS florist has got you covered with same day flower delivery six days a week.

Cordeaux Heights Flowers

Couldn’t help yourself, huh? The missus makes such awesome cupcakes that you can’t stop yourself from tucking in to the collection you find in the kitchen. We reckon you probably should have guessed they weren’t intended for you by the teeny tiny writing on each of them (Happy 6th Birthday Lucy)! Now they’re all gone (all 20 of them, really?) and your missus has got to start over. We think she deserves some flowers for putting up with you! Check out our awesome selection of bouquets and flower arrangements - there’s more than 70 to choose from - any one of which is sure to have her, erm, eating out of your hands! You’ll probably need some add-on gifts too (come on, you did eat 20 cakes!). Why not treat her to a bottle of champers and some yummy chockies?

Cordeaux Heights Flower Delivery

Let’s face it - you’ve probably taken up residence on the sofa and are physically unable to move by now (that’s what eating a party’s worth of cupcakes in one sitting will do to a guy). Lucky for you, you can arrange flower delivery in Cordeaux Heights from right there on the couch. Just point your smartphone in the direction of our mobile app at or give us a quick call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS (you can also order direct from this site). The best bit? If you get in touch before 2pm during the week or by 10am on Saturday, we’ll sort you out with some “I’m sorry I’m such a pig” flowers that very same day. Awesome, right?

Florist in Cordeaux Heights

Having kicked off our florist business back in 1999 as a high street florist in the CBDs of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, you might say that we’re well versed about what it takes to be an awesome florist. Snap! We say that too! It means that we were in a fabulous position to spot all the very best florists in Australia and invite them to hang out under the FAST FLOWERS banner. They’re all fabulous at what they do, so whether you need a fab florist in Cordeaux Heights or pretty much anywhere else in Australia, you can count on FAST FLOWERS to help you out.

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