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Searching for gorgeous flowers at cheap prices? Our Clear Island Waters florist is ready to deliver for you.

Clear Island Waters is a magnificent waterfront neighbourhood known as ‘Golf Course Central’. Boasting Surfers Paradise Golf Club and Merrimac Golf Course, this Gold Coast suburb takes shape around the canals of Clear Island Lake and Boobegan Creek, giving it an affluent vibe and some incredible scenery. Within walking distance of the beach and with a heap of fun activities and recreational areas to immerse yourself in, it’s a fantastic place to live- and to this the 4,000 locals can attest. If you’re in need of a flower delivery in Clear Island Waters, make sure you call on the friendly team here at FAST FLOWERS: We’ve done the work of finding an awesome florist for you.

Clear Island Waters Flowers

Nobody wants to use an online florist with a slow website that has gaudy pictures, prices that make you shudder, and flower arrangements that look like they were designed in the 50’s. Thankfully, we’re a refreshing change of pace from our competitors. Our flowers are always fresh, and our style is contemporary, modern and funky. Not only that, because we’re on such good terms with our local wholesalers and growers, we source our flowers at dirt cheap prices and then pass these savings onto you. Don’t believe us? Check out our categories and you’ll see for yourself!

Clear Island Waters Flower Delivery

Ordering flowers is super easy when you come to us. All you need to do is order on this website and get everything sorted with a few clicks. Want a more personal experience? (Ooh la la!) Our Aussie based flower experts are on hand to handle everything in under 5 minutes, and unlike some competitors, we staff our head office with knowledgeable, real people who know the difference between a carnation and a carnivore. Just give us a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS and we’ll take it from there. And, because we’re more flexible than a gymnast, we’ll let you order as late as 2pm on weekdays and have your flowers delivered right to their destination before the day is out.

Florist in Clear Island Waters

Our florist in Clear Island Waters is more spectacular than a cat meowing the alphabet. There, we said it. They’re exploding with creative panache, care about our customers, and bring a wealth of experience to the table. That is why we asked them to come and hang out with us under the FAST FLOWERS banner. True story! If you’d like to experience their skill and our service, give us a ring.

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