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Check it out! Our Cheltenham florist can deliver awesome and affordable flowers today.

Cheltenham is 20km south east of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s the sort of place locals never move away from and people love to visit for its laid back friendly atmosphere, excellent facilities and amazing places to eat like The Parlour on Weatherall Road where you’ll want to dive headfirst into their bowls of delicious coffee. If you like golf you’ll love it here with both the Royal Melbourne and Victoria Golf Clubs to choose from, or just chill at Cheltenham Park on a lazy sunny day. Whatever you do, don’t forget that FAST FLOWERS is the local florist of choice delivering top notch flowers and gifts six days a week. Our prices are cheap but our quality is definitely not. If you’re fed up with paying heaps for a great last-minute pressie give us a go today.

Cheltenham Flowers

Your mum’s ranting about something. You’re not sure what, but from the few words that filtered through your hangover it seems like you took it upon yourself to give the cat a haircut last night. You’re pretty impressed you managed to get the cat to stay still long enough, but funnily enough your mum doesn’t see it that way and nor was she amused when you said you’d have to rename Snookums ‘Skinhead’ until his fur grew back. Maybe it’s time to stop talking and apologise instead. We’ve got over 70 fresh and fabulous ways to say “sorry” without having to get into an awkward convo about it, and it’ll only take a few minutes to organise. If you can’t even bear to talk with our friendly experts in Brissie just order online or via FAST FLOWERS mobile site and we’ll get cracking on your flowers straight away.

Cheltenham Flower Delivery

We source all our flowers as locally as possible, choosing the best Melbourne’s growers and markets have to offer every day but it’s no good us using fresh flowers if we drag our feet when it comes to delivering them. Never fear! Hermes (the Greek guy with the flying shoes – there’s a bit of culture for you) has nothing on us when it comes to speedy delivery. Get in touch by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and we promise same day flower delivery in Cheltenham to any home or business address. We’ve even got an express service in most metro areas for a speedy service even Zeus himself would be impressed with.

Florist in Cheltenham

No one local can touch our Cheltenham florist when it comes to gorgeous flowers and great service. These guys mean business and it’s one of the reasons we’re so stoked to have them as part of the FAST FLOWERS team. We’ve been delivering fresh and fabulous flowers since 1999 so we know what we’re doing. You won’t get a sad and daggy bouquet that looks like you picked it up at the servo when you filled up, nor will you be disappointed by late delivery or rude service. Everyone at FAST FLOWERS, from our flower savvy experts in Brissie to our local florists, are working together to make sure every single one of our customers is happy they chose us for our cheap prices, top quality flowers and fast, reliable delivery.

Cheltenham Hospitals

  • Chesterville Day Hospital, 28 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Cheltenham Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery, Charman Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192
  • Cheltenham Memorial Park, 26 Wangara Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192

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