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Rely on us at FAST FLOWERS for the coolest flowers in Cashmere.

25 km northwest of the Brissie CBD, Cashmere is a scenic suburb nestled at the foothills of the D'Aguilar Range, providing some spectacular scenery of the dense forest. In the middle of the Moreton Bay region, the Lake Samsonvale bounds the neighbourhood making it incredibly popular as a tourist drive area. 4,500 locals call Cashmere home, and we have to agree with their claim that their region is one of the most scenic and idyllic places in the Brisbane area. Our Cashmere florist is super lucky to work in such an incredible place, and we have to say we’re more than a little envious! Luckily they’re not too far from our head office in Brisbane, which makes it easy to drop in and say hi. If you want to sample their skill for yourself, give us a call.

Cashmere Flowers

Flowers convey a message in their bright, fragrant petals. Whether you’ve accidentally drunk a bottle of 50 year old wine that your parents were saving for their 50th anniversary, or want to stack on some brownie points with your significant other, we have the perfect gift for you. Check out our range, and you’ll find fantastic flowers at prices that will make you double take. We’re serious! We’re not some vast conglomerate who doesn’t give a stuff about the quality or value of your stems- because we work with local growers and wholesalers, we source our flowers at great prices, passing that value onto you. Everybody wins.

Cashmere Flower Delivery

Our flower delivery is more awesome than Batman picking up a guitar and playing November Rain. (Picture it, it’s pretty awesome right?) We’ve done everything you can possibly think of to make organising flowers the simplest, stress free process in the world. Same day delivery? Absolutely. Get in touch with us before 2pm and we’ll have some fab flowers zooming to their destination before the day is out. Express delivery? Check. Easy to use website that even your great grandpa could use? You’ve got it! If ordering online isn’t your thing, give us a tinkle on 1300 FAST FLOWERS. You’ll reach one of our friendly flower experts who can handle everything for you in under 5 minutes. Woo, that was easy!

Florist in Cashmere

Our search for the best florists in Australia was as exciting as an episode of a reality show. We visited all the states of Oz to meet and greet with florists, judging them on their floral skills, creativity and experience. Our florist in Cashmere was a fan favourite with years of floristry experience behind them, and we knew straight from the start that they were the one with the WOW factor. We asked them to join the FAST FLOWERS network, and they said yes! When you need the best flowers in Cashmere, there’s only one number you need to remember: 1300 FAST FLOWERS.

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