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Caught short of a pressie? Don’t stress. Our Caroline Springs florist can sort it for you today.

25km west of Melbourne’s CBD is Caroline Springs, one of the city’s newest suburbs. Residents can confidently say it’s got it all because it was designed that way. Lakes, walking and cycle paths, schools, shopping centres, restaurants – you name it, it’s here. The Club on Western Highway is a popular spot for good value meals and drinks while the Mercure Hotel has several restaurants, including the top quality Red Beetle café. It’s a family friendly area close enough to the city for commuting. You can’t blame locals for feeling pretty pleased with themselves for living here. FAST FLOWERS delivers the best flowers and gifts in Caroline Springs six days a week. Give us a go when you want amazing Aussie grown flowers at prices that will make you grin.

Caroline Springs Flowers

You offered to look after your neighbour’s pedigree cat while she was away on holiday. She was a little doubtful (you don’t exactly look like the nurturing type) but she’s pretty foxy and you wanted to get into her good books so you managed to convince her. She left you a pure white Persian a fortnight ago, but on her return Miss Fluffy Mittens wasn’t just sporting a new muddy look, she was looking decidedly rounder around the middle and the neighbourhood tom has a new strut in his step. Uh oh! You’ve promised to help your neighbour sell the litter when it arrives, but a fab bouquet will go a long way to defrosting the froideur that still exists. We’ve got over 70 awesome styles to choose from, with each one being made from the freshest Aussie grown flowers that come from in and around Melbourne. Our prices are cheap so you can afford to be generous, having plenty left over to buy gourmet kitty treats for the mum-to-be.

Caroline Springs Flower Delivery

It doesn’t matter why you need flowers fast, we’ll get them there. Just get in touch by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and we’ll deliver your flowers pretty much anywhere in Australia today. No ifs, no buts, and no excuses; just fast delivery, fantastic flowers and cheap prices. We’ve got an express service in most metro areas and, if that wasn’t enough to float your boat, only one low rate for flower delivery. If you’ve ever wondered how far $11.95 stretches, we can tell you get goes right around Australia. How awesome is that!

Florist in Caroline Springs

We’ve been grafting hard since we opened our first florist in 1999 and we’re pretty proud to have earned the reputation of delivering cheap flowers. We’d hate for you to think that cheap prices means cheap quality so we guarantee your satisfaction with every order. You’ll be stoked when you see the awesome flowers our Caroline Springs florist delivers. We’re not fast because we cut corners, we’re fast because we start with fresh and healthy flowers and add into the mix a skilled and experienced artisan who can create a fantastic arrangement without faffing around. If you’re fed up dealing with faceless generic companies who are looking to make a quick buck, or those who don’t follow through on promises, forget them all and come to FAST FLOWERS. We’ll give you great service, amazing flowers and cheap prices. What more could you want?

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