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Do you think fresh and fabulous flowers are too expensive? Our Carlton florist has the solution.

Carlton is one of Melbourne’s most vibrant inner city suburbs. Just 2km from the CBD it’s jam packed with character and features like Little Italy in Lygon Street, awesome buildings like the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building, and a buzzing community made up of students, immigrants, and life time residents who will never leave. La Mama Theatre attracts visitors from around the city who enjoy the energetic performances; while AFL fans will know Carlton for the Blues, who are now based at Docklands Stadium and the MCG. You’ll have to search hard to find a bad meal and as for the cafes… well, let’s just say Carltonians are purists when it comes to coffee and enjoy it the way it should be drunk. No one knows Carlton better than FAST FLOWERS because we’re the local florist. We go all over the suburb delivering awesome flowers and gifts to homes and businesses six days a week, so give us a go when you need a last minute pressie with style and panache.

Carlton Flowers

You’ll be the first to agree that alcohol isn’t your friend. It makes you think you’re Celine Dion when you’re more Agro, the talking bathmat. Still, thank goodness for friends like your BFF who distracted you long enough to miss your slot at the karaoke comp. You were spewing at the time but you’re grateful today when she explained the bloke you fancy was there with all his mates and you wouldn’t have burnt yourself big time. Show how much you appreciate a mate like her with an awesome bouquet of flowers. You’ll never hit a bum not with our top quality Aussie grown flowers, and with over 70 modern and stylish bouquets we can deliver today there’s plenty of choice. Our flowers are the best from local growers and suppliers. We avoid dodgy imports that have travelled for days just to get into the country and cost an arm and a leg.

Carlton Flower Delivery

When you’ve got no time to waste, give FAST FLOWERS a buzz. We’ll have top quality flowers there in a jiffy, even if you order as late as 2pm, or 10am on Saturday. There’s no beating us for speed and value for money, because not only do we have an express service in most metro areas we’ve only got one low delivery rate to get your flowers anywhere in Australia today. We work with florists who are skilled and don’t need to faff around. It will only take a few minutes to organise whether you do it over the phone, online, or on our snazzy mobile app. Our Carlton florist will get your order straight away and get cracking on arranging a fab bouquet you’ll be proud to give as a gift.

Florist in Carlton

We started with our own bricks and mortar florists as far back as 1999, so we know what we’re on about at FAST FLOWERS. We’re not some faceless conglomerate looking to exploit local florists and our customers in order to make a quick buck. We’ve travelled the country to find and meet the best local florists to join us at FAST FLOWERS, checking out their work to make sure it’s the highest quality around. We work as a team to give great value and you’ll see the difference. Our Carlton florist starts with fresh flowers sourced from Melbourne’s growers and markets, making them look even more spectacular than nature intended before delivering them right when you need them. Awesome flowers, cheap prices and fast delivery – we’ve covered all the bases at FAST FLOWERS so give us a go today.

Carlton Hospitals

  • The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, 1/720 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Carlton Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Melbourne General Cemetery, Lygon Street, Carlton North VIC 3054

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