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Looking for champagne flowers on a beer budget? Our Carindale Florist can sort you out.

You’d never know Carindale was just 11km east of Brisbane’s CBD with its many parks and open spaces, including Belmont Hills Reserve and Bulimba Creek. It’s so spacious you’d think you were in the country if it wasn’t for the multitude of excellent cafes and restaurants like Guzman y Gomez and Yum Cha Cuisine. There’s a Westfield shopping centre to scratch any retail itch you may have, and with its food court and cinema there’s no need to go anywhere else if the weather is bad. We know a lot about Carindale because we’re the local florist. FAST FLOWERS deliver in the area six days a week, offering awesome flowers that are affordable and delivered quickly.

Carindale Flowers

Nothing says “I love you” like the classic elegance and beauty of a red rose. Why you thought writing it in Texta on your wife’s face so she’d see it when she woke up and looked in the mirror was the way to say it, we don’t know. Well actually we do, and it’s got something to do with a boys’ night out and the best part of a bottle of Bundy. Make it up to her and say it properly with a huge bouquet of glorious roses so she knows that even though she’s married to a bit of a twit, you’re her twit and you love her. We use amazing flowers from growers as local as possible to avoid expensive transport that adds to the price but subtracts from the beauty. It’s one of the ways we keep our prices low without compromising on quality.

Carindale Flower Delivery

There’s no time for mucking around when you need to make a fast apology which is where FAST FLOWERS comes to the fore. It only takes a few easy minutes to organise for a delivery of fresh and fabulous flowers, whether you order online, via our mobile site, or by calling 1300 FAST FLOWERS and speaking with flower savvy team in Brisbane. We can take your order as late as 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and still deliver flowers to any home or business address in Carindale that day. Our express delivery in most metro areas is another bonus of using FAST FLOWERS because it makes us one of the cheapest and fastest top-quality florists you’ll find.

Florist in Carindale

We started in 1999 with a bricks and mortar florist in Sydney so we know what we’re doing at FAST FLOWERS. We’ve searched the country to find the best florists who share our ambition to deliver quality flowers at a great price, and do it quickly. We knew the minute we met our Carindale florist that they’d be a great fit in the FAST FLOWERS team and we were right. They’ve got the eye for excellence and attention to detail that makes a great florist, as well as the ability to get on with it so your flowers arrive as soon as humanly possible. If you want great flowers at a great price, choose FAST FLOWERS.

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