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Need the best flowers at a bargain price? Give our Burwood East florist a go.

Burwood East is a fab suburb of Melbourne, 20km south east of the city centre near Vermont South and Forest Hill. It’s jam packed with great features including awesome sports facilities like the Nunawading Basketball Centre and Velodrome, though footy is probably the most popular for both spectators and participants. The Burwood East Plaza has a top choice of shops that cover day to day needs, and there are plenty of alternatives in nearby Box Hill and Glen Waverley. Rumbling tummies (and their owners) go to China Bar for a gorgeous all you can eat buffet that’s great value. While we’re on the topic of gorgeous and great value, we’d like to point out that FAST FLOWERS is the local florist in Burwood East. We deliver beautiful fresh Aussie grown flowers at great prices six days a week so give us a go when you’ve got something special in mind.

Burwood East Flowers

Sat Nav? Pah! Who needs that when you’ve got natural GPS. That’s what you told your missus when she wanted to use one on holiday and after getting hopelessly lost and spending the night sleeping in your car instead of the luxury boutique hotel, you’ve got to admit she’s right. It takes a big man to acknowledge his mistakes and a smart one to say it with FAST FLOWERS. We’ve got over 70 modern and stylish arrangements available for delivery today and all of them at bargain basement prices. We only use the freshest flowers from Aussie growers and markets sourced as locally as possible, which means you get them faster and cheaper than foreign flowers that have to be imported. You’ll be impressed the amazing quality you get for such a cheap price.

Burwood East Flower Delivery

At FAST FLOWERS we appreciate that flowers are often a last-minute gesture and sometimes they’re just plain urgent (forgotten anniversary ring any bells?) That’s why it’s not just our delivery that’s fast, but our ordering as well. Organising for gorgeous flower delivery in Burwood East today is the work of moments whether you do it online, via your smartphone when you’re out and about (or just can’t be bothered moving) or by speaking with our friendly team in Brissie. Get in touch by 2pm (10am on Saturday) and we promise same day flower delivery anywhere in Australia. We’ve also got an express service in most metro areas which makes us one of the fastest and most flexible florists in Australia. Pretty awesome, right.

Florist in Burwood East

We only work with the best at FAST FLOWERS, whether it’s our suppliers or our local florists. When we expanded from the bricks and mortar florists we’d been operating since 1999 we scoured the country to unearth the best talent. We reckon you’ll love our Burwood East florist as much as we do (or their flowers, anyway). These guys aren’t fast because they cut corners, they’re fast because they’ve had years of experience at creating awesome bouquets and arrangements using the freshest flowers going. Cheap definitely doesn’t mean dodgy at FAST FLOWERS, it just means terrific value for money, so give us a go today.

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  • Peter James Centre, Mahoneys Road, Burwood East VIC 3151

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