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Think fabulous flowers are more than you can afford? Our Burdell florist will make you think again.

Burdell is 14km west of Townsville, near Night Jar, Bohle and Shaw. It’s a friendly community with old fashioned values, where kids play outside and wide streets and light traffic makes for a pleasant neighbourhood. Head to the Bohle Barn for anything from a quick schooner or a nice glass of chardonnay with the missus, to a full on night out with your mates. If you’re slightly the worse for wear then a quick visit to the Bohle Burger Bar will soak up any excess and leave you raring to go. Speaking of raring to go, FAST FLOWERS is the local florist in Burdell. We deliver awesome flowers and gifts six days a week with prices so cheap you’ll have to look twice.

Burdell Flowers

It was a doozy of an argument and the stupid thing is that you can’t even remember what set it off. All you know is you stepped way over the line with something you said and you really regret it. Make it up to her in the style she deserves with a stonking great bunch of top quality flowers. Roses are traditionally the flower of lovers but we’ve got over 70 awesome styles that includes lilies, gerberas and native Aussie wildflowers. Our flowers aren’t just for apologising when your mouth runs away with you, they’re perfect for anytime you need a pressie that shows you care. Our prices are cheap but our quality is as good as it gets because we only use the best flowers from Aussie growers and suppliers as close to Townsville as possible.

Burdell Flower Delivery

What good is fast flower delivery if the flowers look like they were not only hit with the ugly stick, but stomped on by the entire tree? Exactly! We’re fast and fabulous at FAST FLOWERS providing same day delivery on awesome flowers as standard. Some less –than-reputable florists will hike their prices up at the first whiff that you need your flowers urgently, but not us. We’ve only got the one low rate to deliver flowers anywhere in Australia, even if you use our express metro service. It’s not just our fresh flowers that are great value, but our flower delivery service as well. Just get in touch by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and let us take care of the rest.

Florist in Burdell

We started with our own bricks and mortar florist in 1999 so it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing at FAST FLOWERS. When we made the move to online sales and nationwide delivery we knew we’d need a team of epic florists behind us to make sure your satisfaction was never in doubt. It’s guys like our Burdell florist who have helped make us the success we are today. We may deliver nationwide but we’re a tight knit team at FAST FLOWERS. We know all our local florists personally, our customer service team is in Brissy and we only work with reliable suppliers who know we never muck around when it comes to quality and freshness. All of this adds up to an awesome service that’s the best in Burdell, so get in touch and let us take care of all your pressie needs.

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