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Want exclusive flowers without the price tag? Our Buranda florist can deliver the best for less today.

Buranda is a busy inner city suburb 4km south west of the city centre near Woollongabba and Greenslopes. It’s best known for the Centro shopping centre, but its location means thousands of people pass through the suburb every day. You’ll find locals hanging out at Stones Corner, shopping and enjoying some of the best coffee in the city at Lady Marmalade Café. We know all about Buranda because our florist delivers the best flowers in the area six days a week. Our flowers will make an impression on everything but your wallet so give us a go today.

Buranda Flowers

Your ears are burning pretty hot at the moment because your flatmate has just discovered you’ve accidentally taken their car keys this morning. Don’t stress. You can have it all smoothed over before you get home tonight by sending them a gorgeous bouquet at work. All you need to do is order by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and our florist can deliver to any home or business in Buranda and the surrounding area. Flowers will more than make up for them having to stand for 45 minutes because there were no seats and having to work through lunch because they were late. It doesn’t matter that it’s not payday until next week because our great prices mean you don’t have to wait to do something special. Whenever you need a fast pressie that looks awesome and won’t melt your credit card we’ve got you covered with flowers in bouquets, boxes and baskets.

Buranda Flower Delivery

We’re pretty honest at FAST FLOWERS™. We’ll never tell you we sing like Dame Joan Sutherland, play like Wally Lewis, or paint like Brett Whiteley, because that wouldn’t be true. What we do, and do brilliantly if we do say so ourselves, is deliver affordable flowers fast - flowers that look awesome, offer great value for money and are delivered in mere hours of your order. We do this by making the best of the stunning flowers Aussie farmers are growing. We’re lucky that Queensland’s climate is perfectly suited to growing your favourite flowers all year round and we get them delivered to us daily from local growers and markets. There’s nothing dodgy about the quality of our flowers or the people we buy them from. Our bouquets are knock out, but definitely not knock-off.

Florist in Buranda

We’re not wet behind the ears you know, we’ve been doing this for quite a while ever since we opened our first florist shop in Sydney in 1999. Our flowers were so popular we branched out into phone and online orders and now deliver fantastic cheap flowers around Australia and in New Zealand. We couldn’t do it without our amazing accredited partner florists. We literally travelled the length and breadth of the country to find those we thought would be a good fit and who we could trust with our customers’ satisfaction. You’ll find that when you call us you’ll get real people. Our flower savvy experts are in Brissy and know their stuff. Fast and fabulous flowers, Aussie based staff and affordable prices – you won’t find it better anywhere else.

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