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When you want the most boss flowers in Brookfield, let our Brookfield florist handle it.

Brookfield is around 13 km southwest of Brisbane city, but you’d never know it was so close to the CBD. Its country vibe, large properties and annual show would lead you to believe you were in a country town somewhere out in the sticks. You’d be wrong! Brookfield is a thriving rural area with a dedicated band of locals who put on the Brookfield Show- a three day extravaganza lauded as “the biggest little show in the country”. It attracts around 22,000 people each year who come to get the best out of the rides, animal attractions and art on offer. If you know someone in Brookfield who could do with a bit of a boost, send some flowers their way through FAST FLOWERS™.

Brookfield Flowers

Here’s what you won’t find at FAST FLOWERS™: a dodgy website that’s difficult to navigate, outdated floral arrangements that appear to have time travelled from the 70’s, (we’re all for retro, but come on) or flowers that look like a wilted bunch of weeds plucked from obscurity in a downtown servo. We don’t muck around. We’re modern, contemporary and our arrangements incorporate only the freshest and most vibrant flowers. Don’t believe us? Check out this website and you’ll be dazzled by our range of bright and bubbly blooms. You’ll be even more astounded with the price tag that accompanies each one. Here at FAST FLOWERS™, we believe in great value, great quality and great service. It’s why we are Australia’s florist of choice!

Brookfield Flower Delivery

Our delivery options are more flexible than a rubber band. We’re famous for our same day delivery service, letting you order as late as 2pm on a weekday or 10am on a Saturday. We even have an express metro delivery service for those sticky situations where you need flowers sent fast. All you have to do to make a flower delivery happen is order on this fab website, or give one of our friendly flower experts a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS™. We’re Aussie owned, run and based which means you’ll always reach one of our Brisbane based reps. We know flowers, and we know great service. You’ll never have to worry about being transferred to an overseas call centre and being met with frustrating consultants who wouldn’t know a rose from a rabbit.

Florist in Brookfield

Every FAST FLOWERS™ florist is different from competitors. Each has an innate ability to make innovative and creative floral arrangements from fresh stems, and each has a great reputation for delivering the best service and quality in the industry. Our Brookfield florist has been in the business longer than we have (We started in 1999!) and right from the get-go we knew we had to have them in our network. Thankfully, over a cup of tea they agreed to come and hang out under the FAST FLOWERS™ banner and we haven’t looked back! When you want the best, you have to use the best. And we don’t mean to brag, but that’s us. (Okay, maybe just a little bragging.)

Brookfield Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Brookfield Historical Cemetery & Memorial Gardens, 665 Brookfield Road, Brookfield QLD 4069

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