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Cheap flowers in Bondi Beach? Our FAST FLOWERS florist can help you out

Bondi Beach almost needs no introduction (but we’ll give it a go!). Iconic around the world, this awesome beach (that’s heritage-listed and stretches for over a kilometres) lies just seven kilometres east of the Sydney CBD. The surrounding suburb is equally awesome, evidenced by the fact that more than 10,000 people have made it their home. When they’re not catching the break, you’ll find the locals hanging out at Cafe Bondi on O’Brien Street. Their chicken salad is a bit of an institution and the flame grilled steaks? - Yum! At night, head to Bondi Pavilion to mix it up with the weekend visitors. Want to send flowers to some lucky so and so in Bondi Beach? Check out our range of awesome bouquets and trendy gifts - just like the beach, they’re mind blowing!

Bondi Beach Flowers

If you’re thinking that because we’re talking about cheap flowers in Bondi Beach, what we actually mean is bedraggled bouquets that look like they’ve picked up from the servo and then dragged out on a rip curl, you’d be wrong. Go and stick your head in the surf to wake yourself up, because you just might be surprised to find that what we mean is the out and out best flowers in Bondi Beach. We’re cheap because we source our blooms direct from talented Aussie flower growers. That and the fact that we’re not greedy schmucks. We’d rather you have money to spare to enjoy the best of Bondi Beach AND the best flowers to boot. So take your pick from more than 70 awesome bouquets that quite frankly have got good books written all over them.

Bondi Beach Flower Delivery

Getting your hands on the best flowers in Bondi Beach shouldn’t be as difficult as surfing the shore break. It should be easy! It’s all about the easy here at FAST FLOWERS. It’s so easy that all you’ve got to remember is 1300 FAST FLOWERS and 2pm. Think you can do that? To elaborate, give us a call by 2pm on 1300 FAST FLOWERS and we’ll sort you out with same day flower delivery in Bondi Beach. Told you it was easy! More details? Grab a pen incase you forget! We’ll also help you out with same day flower delivery on a Saturday, but you’ll have to hit us up before 10am. Can’t be bothered talking to our awesome Aussie-based flower experts (sad face!)? Just a few clicks on this website is all you need to arrange a delivery.

Florist in Bondi Beach

We're not spinning you a yarn when we say we've got the best neighbourhood florists hanging out under the FAST FLOWERS banner. Our Bondi Beach florist is a first class example of the level of awesomeness you can expect from our 100+ fandabbydozy florists - yes we really did just say fandabbydozy! We’re by no means a newcomer to the florist business (not quite heading up the blue rinse brigade but been around since 1999) - so we know what it takes to be an awesome florist. So guess there’s just one thing left to say - when you want your flowers fresh, you want your flowers fabulous, and you want your flowers fast - (all together now) - you want FAST FLOWERS!

Bondi Beach Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Uniting Church In Australia, 95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
  • St. Andrew's Anglican Church, 60 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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