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Do you need beautiful cheap flowers delivered today? Our Blackburn florist won’t let you down.

Blackburn is 20km east of Melbourne’s CBD, near Box Hill and Mitcham. It’s the perfect place to live if you like the quiet life, but with Box Hill just two train stops away and the city well within half an hour residents are far from isolated. Spend your weekends catching the Burners play in the Eastern Football League, and when the aerial ping-pong season ends then there are four local cricket clubs to support. Forest Hill Chase and the North Blackburn Shopping Centre take care of day to day needs, while at the Brand Smart Outlet Mall in nearby Nunawading you can get your designer duds at bargain prices. Speaking of designer goodies at bargain prices, FAST FLOWERS delivers the best flowers and gifts in Blackburn six days a week. We’re all about affordable luxury, so give us a buzz when you want designer flowers to go to someone special today.

Blackburn Flowers

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be a pain but your neighbours are a nice old couple who are too deaf to take offense at your loud music. Shame their eyesight is as sharp as ever because they copped an eyeful this morning when you stumbled out of bed, half-asleep, to answer the door… stark buck naked. Now they’re avoiding all contact except to shoot you looks like you’re absolute filth and you feel terrible. Repair the damage with a fab bouquet of flowers. We’ve got over 70 stylish designs so you’ll find the perfect choice to apologise for flashing your meat and two veg. In fact, we’ve got the perfect pressie for any occasion, including birthdays and Mother’s Day. Put your feet up and do all your shopping from the comfort of your own chair online, via our mobile app, or by calling 1300 FAST FLOWERS and speaking with our friendly flower savvy team in Brissie.

Blackburn Flower Delivery

When you need flowers faster than an ice-cream melts on a hot day then you’ve come to the right place. At FAST FLOWERS we’re not fast because we cut corners or compromise. We’re fast because we start with the best quality locally sourced Aussie grown flowers and add top class local florists who work harder than a telly presenter’s toupee to arrange your flowers and deliver them ASAP. Get in touch by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and we’ll deliver fresh and fabulous flowers in Blackburn today. We’ve also got an express service in most metro areas for when it’s super urgent. Last minute is no drama at FAST FLOWERS.

Florist in Blackburn

Our local florist in Blackburn has more skill and floral panache in their little finger than some florists have in their whole body. Like us, they never compromise when it comes to quality and because our turnaround is so fast you never have to worry that your flowers have been sitting in a bucket going stinky. Our flowers are so fresh they’ll practically say “G’day” when you see them, and so cheap you’ll be looking for the catch. You can relax because there isn’t one. Great flowers, low prices, and fast delivery? We’re all over it at FAST FLOWERS so give us a whirl today.

Blackburn Hospitals

  • Bellbird Private Hospital, 198 Canterbury Road, Blackburn VIC 3130

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