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Need boast-worthy flowers in Berwick? Our Berwick florist has everything you need.

Berwick is a gorgeous suburb with a special charm and ambience usually found in smaller rural communities. Only 45 km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, it has a population of around 37,000 friendly locals and is well known for its tree-lined streets, lush grassy fields and of course, the Berwick-Montuna Golf Club. It’s a perfect place to relax, kick back, and watch life go by. The heart of the town is the Berwick Inn, and has its own historic charm. Built in 1857, it’s had a series of owners, but the hearty dinners and happy hour always go down a treat with the locals and tourists alike. If you’re wondering why we’re chatting about Berwick, it’s because deliver flowers here! Give us a ring the next time you need some awesome stems.

Berwick Flowers

If you’re one of those people that never sends flowers because “it’s such a consumer trend”, we respectfully disagree! People have been giving flowers to show love since the ancient Greeks, and we see no reason not to carry on this tradition. Sending flowers showcases your thought, care, and makes you look like a hero while your recipient is overjoyed with your effort. Can you find anything wrong with that? We can’t either. Give us a try and see what we mean. Your better half will be surprised and then super happy when they receive a surprise delivery of flowers from you. Bonus points if you send it to them while they are at work! We’ve got a bunch of romantic arrangements overflowing with roses. Get to it- they’ll never forget it, and you’ll show you’re more romantic than a brick.

Berwick Flower Delivery

We’ve got two awesome ways for you to organise flowers- either order on this website, or give one of our friendly flower experts a call. It’s as easy as ringing 1300 FAST FLOWERS- and you’ll always reach our Aussie based head office, and not some dodgy overseas call centre drone who wouldn’t know a lily from a lisianthus. On top of our fast and efficient service, we’re so flexible you can order as late as 2pm on a weekday, (10am on a Saturday) and we’ll zoom your flowers to their destination before dinner. And on top of that, (we’re stacking on the awesomeness here) we have an express delivery option in most metro areas. We’ve thought of everything! We’re here to make your life easier, so don’t mind if we do!

Florist in Berwick

When we started off as a real brick and mortar florist in Sydney, we were inundated with requests for our bright and fresh flower arrangements. We then expanded to have a Brisbane and Melbourne store, and then decided to go national! We went on the hunt to find 100 like minded florists to represent the FAST FLOWERS brand and deliver stunning arrangements for us all over the country. Our Berwick florist is a total pro with flowers, and was handpicked by us for their creative flair and experience. This means that whenever you order flowers in Berwick, they’ll always be fresh, locally sourced and crafted by the best florist in the area. And all of this happens in under 5 minutes? Yes, it really is that easy! Try us today and experience for yourself the FAST FLOWERS charm.

Berwick Hospitals

  • St John of God Hospital Berwick, 3 Gibb Street, Berwick VIC 3806

Berwick Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Tobin Brothers Funerals, 21 Lyall Road, Berwick VIC 3806
  • Elegant Celebrations, 5 Russel Avenue, Berwick VIC 3806
  • Berwick Church of Christ, 446 Centre Road, Berwick VIC 3806
  • Berwick Cemetery, Berwick VIC 3806

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