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Want an awesome gift for your missus? Our florist in Belmont North can help you out

The suburb of Belmont North lies on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie, some 18 kilometres southwest of the Newcastle CBD. You’ll find locals kicking back around the lake or heading over to the beach by the Awabakal Nature Reserve. The Green Point Foreshore Reserve is also a popular destination, as is the Belmont Golf Course which is located just a little way west along the Pacific Highway. Looking for some fab flowers in Belmont North or the surrounding suburbs of Jewells, Redhead, and Tingira Heights? Our local FAST FLOWERS florist has got you covered with an awesome selection of blooms available for same day flower delivery six days a week.

Belmont North Flowers

Want to treat your gorgeous missus to some equally gorgeous fresh flowers? When you see the ridiculously low prices of our sensational range of bouquets and flower arrangements, you won’t want to wait for a special occasion! Here at FAST FLOWERS, we work closely with local flower growers who just so happen to cultivate the very best blooms in Australia. For us, that means we don’t have to worry about shipping charges or the stupidly long wait times that goes along with imported blooms. For you, it’s a pretty awesome result too - you get the best flowers in Belmont North (often delivered within just 24 hours of being cut!) at a super low price. That right there? That’s what we call a great result.

Belmont North Flower Delivery

Now you’ve heard all about how awesome our flowers are, you’ll want to find out how to get your hands on them. It’s super easy! You can order right from this site - a few clicks and you’ll be all done. We’ve also got a smartphone app that’s easy peasy to use. Prefer to give us a call? That’s cool too - our number is 1300 FAST FLOWERS and we’ve got a whole team of Aussie-based flower experts waiting to take your call. Want to know something even better? If you get in touch with us before 2pm on weekdays or by 10am on a Saturday, you can have your flowers delivered that very same day. That’s right - same day flower delivery in Belmont North with just a few hours notice required. Great stuff!

Florist in Belmont North

We’ll just come straight out and say it. Our local florist in Belmont North is a knockout. They’re one of just over 100 fabulous florists we’ve invited to hang out at FAST FLOWERS. We’ve only invited the absolute best in the business because we hate the idea of working with second rate florists who wouldn’t know a lily from a lion if a lion dropped a raw steak at their feet. So what do you say? Ready to give Australia’s best florist a whirl? We can’t wait to show you our awesome flowers up close and personal, so go and pick your favourites and we’ll get going.

Belmont North Hospitals

  • Belmont Hospital, Belmont NSW 2280

Belmont North Crematories, Chapels and Cemeteries

  • Uniting Church In Australia, 6 Narla Road, Belmont North NSW 2280
  • Eastlakes Corps, 360 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280

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