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In need of some boss flowers in Balmoral? You’ve come to the right place.

9 km east of the Brissie CBD, you’ll find the cosmopolitan chunk of urban paradise that we know as Balmoral. It offers the perfect balance of inner city living while still being a great stand alone community, and is deliciously close to the Brisbane River. Waterfront views of the Brisbane River, easy commute, a peppering of lush green parks and some fab Queenslander homes mixed in with modern flats? Yes please. The reason we’re singing the praises of Balmoral is because we deliver top quality here- flowers that are more amazing than an opera singing tortoise wearing a bowtie made out of cheese. (Think about it, it is pretty amazing.)

Balmoral Flowers

No matter what your occasion, we guarantee to have the spot-on gift for you. And it doesn’t matter who you’re buying for either- we’ve got delicious hampers for your dad, French bubbly and chocolates for the girlfriend, and beautiful cottage style rose baskets for your picky Aunt Mildred who sent back last year’s gift with a message that said “Nice try, chump.” Check out our fantastic range and you’ll be flabbergasted by the seemingly endless array of vibrant, colourful floral arrangements that you can take your pick from. And here’s the best part- because we’re an authentic Aussie company that gives back to its local community, we don’t charge an arm and a leg for our blooms like some competitors. Great value prices, fresh flowers and service smoother than your best mate’s pick up lines? You’ve got it.

Balmoral Flower Delivery

Speaking of your mate’s pick up lines, you thought it would be a great idea to secretly film him trying one out on on a cute brunette at the bar. He sauntered up, (all class, naturally), and opened his mouth to say “Did you fall from heaven? Because you’re an angel, baby.” Imagine his horror when the girl sighed in disgust, threw a glass of wine in his face and proclaimed “Not in your wildest dreams... baby.” It made for gripping television, but you probably didn’t have to upload it to Facebook with the caption “Check out Mark’s epic fail!” Now the video has gone viral and your mate is the talk of the internet. Even if it was a bit funny, it’s probably time to smooth over the situation sooner rather than later. Take advantage of our same day delivery service and select a gift you know he’ll love with a sincere card message. All the tools to orchestrate a peace offering are here at your fingertips and it takes less than 5 minutes to organise.

Florist in Balmoral

The crew of FAST FLOWERS has been around since good old 1999, so you know that WE know flowers. When we decided to take our brick and mortar stores online and expand to deliver across the country, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. Thankfully we succeeded in our hunt to find a hundred skilled, wonderful and like minded florists to join the FAST FLOWERS network. Our Balmoral florist is a wizard with flowers, and could make a bucket full of dandelions look like a magical flowerscape fit for royalty. Fortunately they only work with fresh, locally sourced flowers so you’ll never have to worry about dandelions being sent on your behalf. Have we convinced you yet? Give us a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS if you’d like to know more.

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