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When you need cheap, awesome flowers in Tasmania, rely on our Tasmania florists.

Tasmania is an interesting part of Australia. Detached, and right at the south, it’s a plethora of lush green forests, incredible coastline and expansive mountain ranges. The people aren’t all that bad either! If you’re visiting Tasmania, we’d recommend heading to Hobart, the capital city first. It’s an eclectic mix of gourmet restaurants, fashion outlets and great shopping venues, and has a real cosmopolitan vibe. Once you venture out of Hobart though, you hit the real ambience of Tasmania- and with so many rainforests to explore, stunning beaches to meander along, and mountains to scale, you’ll have your hands full. You can either relax at a five star resort or take the gang camping, but either way, it’s a great part of Australia that is usually overlooked or left unnoticed. That’s part of its charm- it doesn’t have the commercial feel that some of the biggest states do. The reason we’re talking about Tasmania is because we have a bunch of great florists scattered all over the state who are ready to deliver some flowers for you- so what are you waiting for?

TAS Flowers

It’s your mum’s birthday coming up, but you’ve got barely enough cash to feed yourself, let alone buy her a glamorous present. Don’t feel bad- we have some awesome floral arrangements at incredibly low prices that will leave you enough cash to buy some bread and vegemite. We’ve managed to stay cheap for so long because we have a great relationship with our local wholesalers and growers, and pass this value onto you instead of hiking up the price. We don’t feel the need to make our customers pay an arm and a leg for flowers, and why should you when everything you need is right here at your fingertips? Check out our range and you’ll be gobsmacked when you see our Specials range and our Under $70 range. We’ve got over 70 funky and fresh floral arrangements, as well as balloon bouquets, potted plants, premium hampers bursting with goodies, and more yummy stuff like chocolates and french champagne. It doesn’t get any better than this.

TAS Flower Delivery

Hands up if you want to receive flowers a day late, or flowers that look like they’ve been trampled by a stampede of clamouring Justin Bieber fans. Not you? We didn’t think so. Our flower delivery won’t have you waiting around, because let’s face it, everyone hates waiting for a surprise to be delivered. Simply order as late as 2pm and we’ll have your exciting present delivered before tea time. Not only that, we’ve also got express delivery in most metro areas, as well as letting you order up to 12 months in advance. Chaching! The only thing you need to worry about is picking our your favourite flowers, and either ordering online or giving us a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS. We’ve got an awesome crew of friendly flower experts on hand to handle everything for you in less than 5 minutes. We’re not called FAST FLOWERS for nothing!

Florist in TAS

When we started as real brick and mortar florists back in the day, (1999) we never imaged that we’d soon expand and become the most popular online florist since, well, ever. As soon as demand started to get out of hand for our flowers, we took to the road and went on the hunt for a hundred exceptional local florists around the country to represent the FAST FLOWERS name and deliver on behalf of us, and we were incredibly impressed with what we found! Our Tasmania florists are smart, funny and brilliant- oh, and their floral prowess is unrivalled in the industry too. Give us a call if you’d like one of these brilliant florists to deliver some fast fresh flowers for you, and experience the special brand of FAST FLOWERS awesomeness for yourself.

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