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Queensland, often billed as the sunny and smart state of Australia, takes up the north chunk of the east coast. This sunbathed state not only offers the best coastal beaches (The Great Barrier Reef, anyone?), but is also a vibrant myriad of mouthwatering attractions and destinations. Take Brisbane, for example. Known as the river city, this laidback cityscape is an atmosphere of trendy eateries, cultural hubs, lush parks and sunset skyline. Head a little bit south and land smackbang in the Gold Coast- party central, and the premier destination for Schoolies. Soak up the sun, the sand, and the abundance of shops in the Australia Fair shopping centre. Looking for theme parks? You’ll find the best in Australia here. Dreamworld, Movie World, and Seaworld will keep the kids busy, and with some epic rides designed for thrillseekers, it’s sure to be a great day of adrenalin. Amble a few hours up north and you’ll find a string of charming country towns not far from the beach. The Sunshine Coast is one of the best known destinations in the state and boasts beaches with crystal clear water and golden sand, as well as secluded coves, incredible rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls and isolated mountain towns. A true reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll love the buzz of nature and the spectacular views on sight here. Head further north, and you’ll be in the middle of the best aquatic nature Queensland has to offer. Around the Mackay and Whitsundays area you’ll be greeted with turquoise waters peppered with islands, and the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Come here and snorkel up a storm. If you keep on heading north, you’ll hit Townsville, and then Cairns. Cairns is a tropical paradise with the climate to match, and features the lush wonderland of tropical rainforests and the serene seascape of the Great Barrier Reef. In amidst all this, you’ll find a great mix of trendy places to visit and a thriving night life. If you’re a little more rugged around the edges and you’re looking for something beyond the amazing coastline of Queensland, head west and plunge directly into the Outback. The majority of this state is taken up by red hills, incredible rock formations and dry, dusty desert. Well, there you have it- Queensland in a paragraph. Why are we describing Queensland anyway, you ask? Well, we deliver flowers all over this state, to people from the tip of Cairns to the lower reaches of Southern Downs, and we have done since 1999. If you’re looking to send flowers that are of actual quality and not like something you’d see in a wedding catalogue from the 70’s, rely on us at FAST FLOWERS™.

Queensland Flowers

Just ask us, we’ll tell you. Our flowers are the best. With a range of over 70 awesome gift choices on hand for you check out, we know you’ll be happy you came our way. Our prices are even better, giving you amazing value for money. Our stems might be cheap, but they certainly don’t look it. From roses and lilies (Go on guys- you know she’ll love them) to balloon bouquets, potted plants and premium hampers, we have everything you’ll need to jazz up that special occasion. Our Rainbow of Colours arrangement is a riot of colour and is sure to earn you some brownie points. It’s colourful and thoughtful without coming on too strong- perfect for impressing a potential girlfriend. Want to show your mum how much you care? (..Aww!) You’ll love our Ceramic Cube arrangement brimming with English inspired blooms, but she’ll love it even more.

Queensland Flower Delivery

Let’s get hypothetical. It’s 1pm and you’re lounging around on your day off feeling sorry for the poor sods who have to work. You’re watching Oprah like a champ, but there is a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you’ve forgotten something. Something important. A couple of minutes into the wisdom of Doctor Phil you realise- you’ve forgotten your one year anniversary. Guilt washes over you and images of her disappointment (and more importantly, the potential punishment) start to fill your head. Don’t worry- your secret is safe with us. Our awesome same day delivery service means that if you order with us before 2pm, we’ll have your flowers ready to go and delivered before 5pm for a business, and 6pm for a residence. She’ll never have to know- for all she knows, you organised this amazing bouquet of roses weeks ago. For those really sticky situations, we even offer an express delivery service in most metro areas, and with our easy ordering system (on this website, or over the phone with one of our flower experts) you can get it all sorted in under 5 minutes. As you can see, the sudden shock of a last minute gift crisis is practically archaic with FAST FLOWERS™.

Florists in Queensland

We started off with real florist stores, so we know our flowers. Demand for our bright and funky arrangements grew, so we decided to get other florists on board and start a network around the country to make ordering flowers easy, convenient and quick. Seriously, we’re honoured to have so many fantastic florists in Queensland hanging out under the FAST FLOWERS™ banner and delivering quality flowers fast. We picked them because of their insistence in using fresh, local flowers, and their commitment to using only the best. So by proxy, you receive the best. It’s an awesome domino effect, and one we’re sure you’ll be happy with. If you haven’t tried us already, what are you waiting for? 1300 FAST FLOWERS™ is all you need to remember!

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