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Need flowers fast? Let our Northern Territory florists sort it out for you.

The Northern Territory is a northern state sandwiched in between Western Australia and Queensland. It is a lot more than the dusty outback that most people think it is though. For one, it is home to Darwin (its capital city), which is a thriving city of beaches with an enviable nightlife. It is also home to Uluru, or Ayers Rock- the most recognisable Australian landmark in the world. This breathtaking rock formation is five and a half hours from Alice Springs, the second biggest town in the Northern Territory. There are regular shuttle buses and tours waiting to take you to and from, but we suggest taking a lot of water (it’s extremely hot out there!) You’ll also find some legendary Aboriginal rock paintings in this region, if history is something you’re into. There’s also the Kakadu National Park to get stuck into- this region which spans 20,000km is a mind blowing mix of sandstone cliffs, lush green rainforest, tidal plains, hills and epic waterfalls. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re visiting this state. If you’re wondering why we’re giving you this information, it’s because we deliver flowers in the Northern Territory. Keep us in mind the next time you order flowers.

NT Flowers

When your best friend gets pregnant, you’re so excited you could explode. Finally, you’re going to be an aunty! Nine months later, and the kid still hasn’t arrived. Unfortunately babies don’t run to our schedule, and you get the news that she’s gone into labour while you’re interstate at a business conference. You want to get some flowers there first (to show off your smug friend skills of course), but you’re in a different state. What do you do? You pull out your phone on your break, and give us a call. We’ve got a fantastic baby range of fresh, bright flowers that will put a huge smile on her face, while making you look like the friend of the year. While you’re at it, throw in a cute teddy bear for your new godchild to play with.

NT Flower Delivery

It’s moments like the above where we really come to the forefront. Our awesome same day delivery means that if you get in touch before 2pm on a weekday, we’ll have your flowers delivered before dinner time. We’ve even got express delivery in most metro areas. On top of that, we deliver for a flat rate of $11.95 almost anywhere in Australia with no hidden fees. Are you happy yet? If you are, prepare to become even happier. You can order on this fab website right now, or alternatively give us a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS during business hours (we have to sleep sometime!). We’ve got a crew of friendly flower experts who can handle everything for you in under 5 minutes, making the whole shebang an easy and convenient process. Most of the Northern Territory is rural, but you’ll find that we deliver in any metro area that has a florist. Not bad, not bad at all!

Florist in NT

You can kick back and relax, because you won’t have to google a florist or try to find a reputable one. We’ve done all the hard work of finding a great florist for you, which means you don’t have to worry about your loved one receiving flowers that look weeds pulled out of a swamp and shoved in a box. Our Northern Territory florists are a special breed, and have a skill and flair with flowers that is unrivalled in the industry. Because the Northern Territory is mostly an arid and dusty region, they have their flowers shipped to them at the peak of freshness, making sure that you receive only the best. You’ll love them as much as we do! All you need to remember is 1300 FAST FLOWERS.

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