When you need the best flowers, rely on our Fast Flowers florists to deliver them fast.

What do these situations have in common?

  • Saying sorry to your girlfriend for making a drunken fool out of yourself in front of her family... at her sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. It is believed you made a disastrous toast and serenaded her affronted grandmother with a poorly sung Rick Astley song.
  • You’re rocking out to Guitar Hero on your day off, when a song reminds you of your girlfriend, and in turn, you are reminded it is your one year anniversary and you haven’t organised anything.
  • It’s your mum’s birthday, and you have to come up with a gift that is better than last years effort (a packet of paper clips and a bottle of deodorant.)

These situations all have something in common- you’re definitely going to need flowers. Why? Flowers are the best way to show you care (or that you’re sorry...) because they make people feel good. They express the stuff that words can’t say, and can fix almost anything. Receiving surprise flowers gives warm and fuzzies to anyone lucky enough to get them, and your thought and effort will be met with appreciation and happiness.

The awesome people who help make all of this happen are our amazing Fast Flowers florists. Who would have thought that when we travelled all over Australia to find the best florists to join our network, that we would come up trumps with so many outrageously good flower artists? It takes so much more than tying a bunch of flowers together to be an exceptional Fast Flowers florist. We need experience, an eye for colour, a feel for textures, a true passion for flowers, a dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to delivering your flowers fast. That’s what we look for in our florists, and once we were satisfied they fitted these requirements, we invited them to be part of our friendly network. The results have been staggering, and now we’re one of the most popular florist networks in the country.

Not to boast, but our florists are different from the competition. (Okay, maybe just a little boasting.) For one, they understand the importance of fresh flowers. Everyone has heard horror stories of florists sending out half-dead flowers that look like they’ve been immortalised in a jurassic fossil. Even worse, some mediocre florists make floral arrangements that look outdated, using floral styles that went out of fashion decades ago. When you order flowers, you want to make sure your gift is fresh, vibrant and gorgeous. This is where our florists come in- because they’ve been carefully selected and we know them all personally, we never run the risk of one of our trusted florists delivering flowers that are any less than perfect. We’ve done all the guesswork for you, making the whole business of flowers quite convenient and easy. You’re welcome!

Our florists also know that your flowers are an expression of care, so they take your gift seriously. Whether you’re ordering a balloon bouquet or a lavish collection of roses, your arrangement will be crafted with the same love and care that our florists would bestow upon their own family. This level of quality is upheld until your stems are delivered to your happy recipient, and we insist on air conditioned courier vehicles to preserve the pristine condition of your flowers. How’s that for fast and fresh?

If you’d like to order flowers crafted by one of our awesome florists in Australia, simply give us a call on 1300 FAST FLOWERS or check out our products online. Our friendly team of flower experts are on hand to help you out with anything you might need, and can even suggest a card message for you if you’re stuck for ideas. What’s not to love? At Fast Flowers, our florists are fast, fresh and fabulous and our thousands of repeat customers agree.

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